Kredit Foto: German Design Council Hak Cipta: Team Lutz Sternstein

The Oscar is the most prestigious cinematic award while, on the other hand, the German Design Award is an internationally recognised accolade for designers in the automotive industry. Last Friday (February 2nd, 2020), EDAG designers Ricardo Hagemann and Tom Hasenauer officially accepted the international premium prize in Frankfurt. The EDAG Group received the German Design Award 2020 in Gold from the top-class jury of leading experts in the category "Excellent Product Design" for its mobility concept "EDAG CityBot". 

EDAG CityBots are multifunctional and autonomous robotic vehicles with embedded swarm intelligence. Thanks to the wide range of applications offered by the various trailer and tool modules, the EDAG CityBot is used effectively to full capacity and operates round the clock in urban areas. With the EDAG CityBot, EDAG is making an intelligent statement on sustainable, holistic mobility, traffic planning, ground-breaking city development and new business cases.

In its award assessment, the jury stated: "The futuristic design of the EDAG CityBot vehicles is concise and independent in every respect, and comprehensively reflects the highest progressive approach in form and functionality. [...] A quantum leap on the way to sustainable, holistic mobility in urban areas and new concepts in urban planning".