Software Development

Software Development


Back in 2011, Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, coined the phrase "software is eating the world". The prediction that software would become the main disruptor of various industries and the success (or of course failure) factor for today's movers and shakers is particularly evident in the automotive industry. In addition to the exponential increase in the lines of code in a car, the approach to development is also changing: decentralised, monolithic embedded software developed in line with the classic V-model is increasingly being replaced. These are being superseded by software modules that are combined into complex clusters, are reusable and have been developed in modern object-oriented programming languages using agile methods. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers and partners will very quickly have to implement massive changes if they intend to continue to play a leading role in the future. Our mission is to accompany this change and to support you throughout the process.


Working as your partner, we enter the project at an early stage and discuss our ideas with you from the concept phase on. With our many years of experience in the development of a wide variety of software functions, we have full system competence, and can do far more than just program to specification. Complying with current norms and standards at all times, we offer our support from series development through to production, and can assist you with production support and the continuous roll-out of new functions. As our services are modular, you can request either the complete package or just separate, individual modules.